Elena Cascarigny, thérapeute intégrative et professeure de Yoga sur Bayonne/Anglet ainsi qu’en ligne, accompagne toute personne qui souhaite entamer une démarche personnelle.

If you're here, it may be because...

  • You feel down at times, depressed or more sadder than usual ?
  • You have trouble coping with your emotions or are very stressed ?
  • You feel stuck, that your life isn't going anywhere ?
  • You ask yourself a lot of questions about yourself, about your past or future, or about the meaning of life ?
  • You are currently going through a painful situation (separation, loss, moving away...) and you need support ?
  • You suffer from inexplicable pain, insomnia or anxiety ?
  • You find situations repeating themselves in your life and you'd like to put them behind you ?
  • You need to express yourself and to be heard ?

You're not alone. We all suffer at times. The crucial quetsion is "How do we deal with this suffering ?"

You can learn to use your anxieties and sorrows to grow, to bring joy into your life, to express your creative potential and regain agency in your life.

Psychotherapy - literally " healing of the mind" - is one of the tools that can help you to. It is a springboard for self-knowledge, that enables us to get to know who we really are and to meet our deepest needs.
Each of us possesses the inner ressources needed to express our full potential and live authentically, meaningfully, and in harmony with others and our surroundings. Our potential just wants to shine forth ! Psychotherapy paves the way for the full expression of our inner selves.

Psychotherapy provides a safe space in which you can feel free to express your problems, feelings, thoughts, without being judged. It is a confidential space : the therapist is bound to professional secret. Psychotherapy is a protected area with certain rules to ensure the well-being of both the client and the therapist.

Pour plus d’informations sur les séances, venez voir here.

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