About me

Je m’appelle Elena Cascarigny et suis thérapeute intégrative avec plus de 4 années d’expérience et professeure de Yoga depuis 2017, basée au pays basque, à Bayonne (64).

Born between France and Germany, I grew up in South of France and went for my studies in Germany.

De retour en France depuis plus de cinq ans, j’accompagne des personnes qui cherchent à comprendre leurs difficultés, à donner du sens à leur vie et à retrouver joie et créativité.

I studied Psychology in Berlin, Germany. After that, I came back to France for a Master degree in Psychology and Integrative Psychotherapy à Paris.

I explore, both personally and professionally, human consciousness through all its manifestations, from physical to spiritual. My search involves continuous learning and supervision .

Fascinated by the richness offered by the encounter with others and different cultures, I specialised myself in intercultural Processes with many internships and a master thesis on reverse culture shock. I help expatriates and homecoming person going through cultural transition.

Yoga guides me in this adventure. I made a Yoga Teacher Training in the area of Dharamsala, in the Himalayas. Through many sojourn in Asia, I learned about ancient buddhist and taoist traditions. Those helped me gain an other understanding of human beings.

The similarities between the holistic approaches of oriental wisdoms and humanist psychology stroke me. Both are complementary and enables me to grasp the individual in his globality. I address all levels of the person : body, emotions, mind and soul.


  • Course in Online Counselling, SFU Vienna, Austria Online Counselling, SFU Vienna
  • Master Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis, Psychopathology and intercultural Psychotherapy, SFU Paris, France
  • Exchange semester, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Bachelor in Psychology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Certifications & Training

  • Pratique de la thérapie des schémas, CEFTI, Hendaye
  • Yoga de la Femme (50H), Tatiana Elle, Paris
  • Atelier d’initiation à la Thérapie d’Acceptation et d’Engagement (ACT), niveau 1, ACTiff
  • Journal Writing tools for self-reflection, Webinar ÖAP, Vienna
  • Training in Transgenerational psychoanalysis, Jardin d’Idées, Paris
  • Introduction to Buddhism Course & Meditation, Dharamsala, Inde
  • Yoga Teacher Training 500h, Mahi Yoga School, Dharamsala, India

I speak french, english and german. Therapy can occur in those three languages.